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L’ Atelier du Dessin Textile is the meeting between Sabine and Fabienne, two designers from Lyon (France), passionate about textiles, patterns and colors. For more than 20 years, they have combined hand drawing techniques with digital techniques to offer their international customer a collection of original and creative textile designs. They specialize in an oversized format that gives free rein to their creativity featuring rich compositions that are suitable for scarves, clothing, furnishings and decoration.


A multidisciplinary design studio with locations in Brooklyn and Losinj, Croatia, Moonshake Studio was founded by artist and designer Marika Kandelaki. Specializing in forward and innovative surface design, high end customized artwork, print design, branding and sustainable production consulting for the apparel industry, their print collection consists of thoughtfully curated artworks, composed of designs created with various experimental mediums and techniques. In addition to their fabulous designs they offer full package consulting and digital printing services on a wide array of sustainable textiles.


Based in São Paulo, the Icertain Nomad studio is the result of merging two Brazilian studios, Estúdio Icertain and Nomad Studio, and this partnership brings out the best of both companies. With over 10 years of experience in the exclusive prints market, they have curated a select group of Brazilian artists who specialize in a wide range of styles and drawing techniques, always staying attentive to trends in the fashion market.


Antoinette & Freddy met while studying applied arts together in Paris and began their careers as textile designers in a parisian studio where they both stayed for over 20 years. After opening up their own design studio in 2002 they quickly established themselves designing for international clients in the ready-to-wear and home textile market, and today live and work in Montpellier in the South of France.


In 2014, Pattern Curator was started by Kristine Go as a blog of curated visuals and color stories to inspire color, print & pattern design ideas. With her experience of  working in the apparel, home and entertainment industries for over 20 years, Pattern Curator has evolved into a full-service trend, concept and print studio - focused on color, print & pattern trends for apparel, home and social experiences. Alongside the visual blog, Pattern Curator offers different concept curation services and an online trend subscription which serves inspiration to professional designers, retailers and arts-related businesses worldwide. Kristine believes that we all have a need to be inspired, because inspiration is the genesis of creativity and together, we get to create a beautiful world filled with extraordinary color, print & pattern possibilities… and that is why Pattern Curator exists.


Fresh out of Saint Martin's College Mirjam came to Paris in 2003 with a suitcase filled with her beautiful designs. They would soon be seen on runways worldwide and thus Mirjam Roudén Textile Studio was established in London.
Mirjam's creative talents are today the
driving force behind a multicultural in-house design team creating a wide range of unique designs using various drawing techniques and exploring a multitude of hand painted media, as well as silk screen prints.


Located in Düsseldorf, BUREAUX BO offers a collection of high quality, sophisticated and contemporary designs. Combining years of experience with a strong feeling for current trends and innovation, they are inspired by a diverse art scene, unusual architecture and diverse cultures, and create prints for all types of surfaces, mostly for clothing and home textiles.


Caroline et Bettina quickly developed a unique creative environment where the use of colors played a key role. So much, that customers from around the world, whether hey were top brands, printers, womenswear, swimwear, accessories producers, started to get interested in Caroline et Bettina’s inimitable compositions and mixing of colours. All the designs are handpainted using various technics such as paints, inks, markers, wax and other "home made recipes" they're too shy to list! They work daily from their Paris studio, where the goal is to finish one design, each, every day; yet they take too much pleasure into what they do to let productivity ruin their days!


Stampa Studio is a Rio de Janeiro based textile design studio creating original sunny prints for the international fashion market since 2007. Lead by Daniela Brum, their talented team of designers produce exclusive designs according to market trends with a touch of Brazilian soul. Working both with hand painted prints and digital designs, the studio also works on commission projects.


Go Design Studio is an artistically inclined print studio with extensive design experience and industry-minded sensibility. Original print & pattern designs, created by designers around the world. Curated and directed by Pattern Curator. The studio is a collective of designers whose focus is on designing prints that can bring concepts to life for apparel, interior and social experience related products. Our designs are forward-thinking and production-ready without compromising aesthetic and trend-forward concepts. 


Bolddesign is a creative textile studio, based in Braga, northern Portugal. They have a strong emphasis on hand-painting in several techniques. Their collections are truly inspiring,always trying to innovate and experiment new things, focusing on global trends and colour harmony, which is a strong point of this team of in-house designers. Each one with their unique contribution, they manage to present you a diversity of prints for fashion, home and decor. Currently, selling to all of Europe, America and Asia, you can come to Paris Prints and enjoy live painting and discover their unique collections.


Le Studio Copenhagen is a central Copenhagen based Studio even though made up by a very international design gang. We love working with designs with our main focus on colour and quality. Our designs range from cool urban to intricate bohemian, all with a trend oriented perspective.


Musticstyle was established by Patrizia Grinzato after 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, and in the textile designs specifically. The studio gained a strong reputation and success thanks to a passionate art director and to creative designers, who put all their care in realizing original and exclusive designs, both hand-drawn and digitally-made.


Based in Como, Hargittai Disegni run by Claudio Guanziroli, offers beautiful textile print designs for the international textile and apparel markets since 1955.


Zisser Textile Design Studio is a one of a kind print studio with roots in London, Paris and Stockholm, which creates innovative and contemporary hand-drawn as well as digital prints for women wear and home textile. Every print is unique but they have artistic spirit in common. The team consists of experienced designers from fashion capitals around the world, making the collection sophisticated and rich in variations and suitable for a wide range of markets.


Founding her studio in 2007, Eleonora Clerici's passion for fashion and her love for art in all its forms contribute to the creation of the studios sophisticated and contemporary prints. The original and unique designs are created by hand using a variety of techniques and infusing them with everything that excites their creativity.

Based near Como, they are proud to continue in the great tradition of the area and have developed close partnerships with the most important textile companies.


"Amanda Kelly has been doing one thing really well for the past 20 years: designing original prints and embroideries for trend-driven & fashion-forward womenswear clients. That’s it! We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our work and the quality of our service. We believe these are the things that set us apart in (what is) a pretty crowded and smallish pond. We love what we do, and we love working in what is arguably, the best industry in the world - FASHION!"


Founded by Carlo Pezzoni, DR DISEGNI, create contemporary textile prints inspired by both historical and traditional references, as well as current trends, techniques and colors. Based in Como, the studio’s highly skilled staff also offer personalized consultancy and collaborate with well-known fashion designers all over the world.


Vitraia London is a textile design studio based in the heart of Shoreditch, in London’s creative hub of start-ups in fashion and tech industries. The younger sister design studio of renowned textile design studio Mirjam Roudén, Vitraia was established in 2017, and now has a tight knit team of London based in-house and freelance designers. Offering a younger, more missy and mainstream handwriting than the Mirjam Roudén line which is more sophisticated, Vitraia offers full CAD services using industry specific AVA CAD CAM software.


A UK studio, Print  Pattern Exclusive is based in a beautiful old textile Mill on the banks of the river Soar in Leicester, a textile town renowned for its deep roots in fashion and garment production. Our creative team bring you beautiful artwork to enhance your latest collections. Please stop by and say Hi!


Some of our oldies but goodies definitely worth discovering, the studios below are some of the most talented in the world and offer stunning artwork for the apparel, home décor and textile markets to an international clientele.


Founded by Stephanie Ogé, Sogé Studio is a Brooklyn, NY based textile design studio, renowned for their fresh and innovative prints for the apparel, home, and accessories industry. Highly regarded for color intuition and the fluidity of artwork, their distinct patterns are created by an elite team of ethnically diverse designers with an integration of mixed media, hand illustration and digital techniques. While always on trend, they are most importantly setting new ones from our unique point of view and our clients value the confidence of knowing their Sogé print is one-of-a-kind.


Eye Dazzler textile design studio, based in Brooklyn, New York, is an intimate team of creatives specializing in original and exclusive print artwork.  Their collection is living and dynamic, enriched by continuous development. They take an experimental approach to print design and are always looking for novel ways to combine technology with their hands-on artistic techniques. Whether their artwork is created digitally or drawn by hand, it’s always an original Eye Dazzler design. Their passion and creativity inspire trends as well as yields forward concepts. They aspire to surpass their clients’ expectations through delicate balance of innovative design and commercially relevant work. Their clients include designers of apparel and accessories in the fashion industry, as well as those in home textiles and décor.


Sholto Drumlanrig Print is a London based textile design studio established in 2017, with a strong visual identity and perspective, specialising in vibrant, contemporary graphic prints, bursting with color. With over 30 years experience within the textile design industry, they create best-selling prints across womenswear, menswear, product design and stationery. Drawing and painting are always their starting points for design and they find inspiration everywhere in the world around them, from sitting and observing flowers, to examining the detail of garments at the V&A or studying a books on art and design, they find the possibilities are endless.


Established in 2012 by Julinka Misztal following a successful career as Womenswear Designer. Specialising in directional, modern yet feminine embellishment and embroidery concepts using a wealth of traditional techniques, they are known for their attention to detail and exceptional quality of design and have worked with over 300 international brands so far. Story partners with two outstanding Indian embroidery ateliers dedicated to keeping the traditions of tambour (adda) and Irish machine embroidery work alive, and well as supporting the incredibly talented artisans we have built relationships with over the years, who are today part of the Story family.


Based in Seregno, Italy, Ivana Monguzzi is a textile design studio with several years of experience in designing prints for fashion, accessories, drapery and furniture. They specialise in hand drawing on paper and use the computer as a tool for composition and digitalization. They are proud to be able to offer their clients unique, not mass-produced designs. As they work on many designer commissions throughout the year, the moment they focus on their collections is the most creative for them because through that they can truly express their creativity.


Based in Toronto Canada, DND Studio has created exquisite prints for leading International design labels for nearly 20 years. Wildly artistic, vibrant, playful and elegant, their collections are  infused with florals, textures, paisleys and geometrics inspired by nature, historical subjects, art and architecture. Each design is executed using traditional hand painted techniques, further polished with digital tools to create unique layering, depth and detail.


SANVALINA is a young boutique studio passionate about creating trendy, feminine, and sophisticated exclusive designs for fashion and lifestyle brands and manufacturers worldwide. Based in Spain, they are an international team full of energy and creativity who love exploring new techniques and ideas to create fresh artworks focusing on hand drawing and painting. SANVALINA designs come in a wide range of colorways to make sure you have plenty of options to enhance your collections with their unique creations. Step into their world full of colors, textures and a lot of creativity!


Based in the USA, Tana Bana has been serving prestigious customers worldwide since 2003. Their creative director, Shreenie J Vasan, comes from 3rd generation handloom weavers from a remote village in southern India. His love for textiles from a young age let him to explore various textile arts and crafts. Today 20+ artists work in his studio, creating surface designs with hand painted, surface decorations, embroidery and other traditional methods.


HOUSE OF JUNE™ is a concept-driven design atelier based in Brooklyn, New York, that thrives on transforming complex concepts into impactful designs using sophisticated visual elements to convey emotions. Giving equal attention to the thought process behind the design as to the technique, color, composition, and final outcome, they believe that in our increasingly technology-driven world, the human mind is the most precious resource. A small but highly skilled team, they conceive and materialize original surface designs for adoption in textile and materials development with the goal to both inspire and collaborate with their clients in order to bring meaningful products to consumers in a world where quality increasingly triumphs over quantity.


Brussels based pattern design studio PIECEOFCHIC was founded in 2010 by Barbara and Sébastien with the idea to cross their knowledge and their passion for fashion, resulting in a fantastic design textile studio, which collaborates with some of the most famous brands in of the fashion industry. Designing exclusive patterns for fashion and home interiors, they create strong graphic patterns with an original contemporary vibe inspired by urban style. 


Textile Designer Nicole runs her studio from her home in a small town up the north coast of Barcelona. The studio offers textile design for the fashion and lifestyle industry, mostly specializing in swimwear and lingerie but also suitable for catwalk, high street and home textiles. The collection offers a wide range of prints that include hand drawn, computer worked, hand dyed and collage work. All artwork is crafted by hand and then digitally refined to get the best quality files. The designs are rich in color, elegantly fresh with an expressive feminine touch filled with rejuvenated ideas with a trend driven creative direction. 


Founded in 2013 and based in the cultural hub of Lahore, WQ Print Studio is Pakistan’s first textile print studio creating curated textile designs for the global apparel market. Waqas Qureshi and his team of talented designers are internationally recognized for designing seasonal, versatile, yet chic print designs for both fashion and home accessories brands worldwide.


Based in Chiasso, Switzerland, White Studio is a brand of Style Lab, creating original and exclusive prints for fashion, textile and interior brands. They draw their inspiration from different fields and from ideas presented by the trendiest, most prestigious trade publications, combining visual artistry and constant progress. Their ideas come from people, from the vision of a colorful world and they love to create what others dare only imagine. « Creating the design of a fabric is a true art form, and as such it is not merely born out of technology, but also stems from the talent in the hands that shape it. » What makes their creations unique and inimitable is love, love for their work, commitment and a great desire to create new designs only based on their manual skills and their creative imagination.


An established reference in the design industry for many years, Susanna Samson Design has curated one of the largest and most exclusive vintage textile design archives in Europe. With an emphasis on the highest quality, their collection covers both Fashion and Home Interior design briefs. Housed in their studio in West London, near Portobello Road, they offer both virtual and in-house appointments by prior arrangement.


Founded by Lisa Berridge, a textile designer in the Fashion industry for 27 years, CocoBloom prides themselves on delivering a collection that is hand-drawn and hand painted from the start of the design process.  A large part of the collection is hand screen printed using a variety of techniques to give their collection an edge in today’s market.  They do all of their own devores and mix techniques to create truly one off pieces.


FUSION CPH is Scandinavia's leading Design Studio, having served clients in Europe, USA and Japan for 20 years with global trends adjusted to regional requirements and the needs of each customer. They create unique print designs and sell them exclusively with all copyrights to the customer for use in their collections, both in fashion and interior design. Their collection is inspired by an analysis of the latest catwalks, street styles and consumer trend reports and our design process often starts by hand, with a focus on hand drawing and painting. Their clients get Photoshop files in repeat and color separated, ready to send for production, thus saving them valuable time and also allowing them to place orders on production where they want and not being tied to one supplier.


MB Textile Prints and Colors is a young Italian studio based in the Biella area in Italy. Founded by Monica Bonzano, the studio creates print designs for each market with a contemporary and sophisticated vision, and a strong intuition for color. Creating artwork with a deep artistic identity, exclusively by hand, pictorial skill is combined with the search for new techniques, every object and tool can become a creative means. Linoleum slabs, spray containers, make-up sponges, chopsticks to create drippings, each tool is disciplined to create new motifs. Pictorial florals, micro-patterns, manual geometrics, landscape, camo are the preferred topics, together with commissions for special clients.


Founded in 1999 by Karen Strandgaard, Printlab is situated in Copenhagen's northern "garment district", Nørrebro in Denmark. One of Scandinavia's leading design studios, they specialize in innovative, commercial, conceptual and highly individual prints for the fashion and interior industries. As well as creating exclusive original prints, they also offers consultancy services, whereby current trends are interpreted and suggestions for commercial print solutions are provided.


Abby Lichtman Design is an American print studio with a wonderful team creating artwork from all over the world. Inspired by experimental and traditional techniques, technology, contemporary art and runway trends, they work with brands on 6 continents and have been in business for 11 years.

Eragh Mihalakis

Based on the Emerald Isle, irish/greek print designer Eragh runs the studio from her apartment on a leafy victorian square. With a focus on playful innovation, she designs exclusive textile prints for fashion brands big and small, using a range of traditional media and a sprinkle of digital magic. So whether you’re looking for textured animals, romantic florals, vintage tropicals or fun conversationals you can be sure to find something in her curated library of on trend and season less designs that will suit your brands authentic aesthetic.


Colourmode is a Boutique Print Studio based in London, offering unique trend-led designs with a focus on beautifully hand painted art. Founded by Alicia Sorgiovanni, it is her passion and eye for colour, design and attention to detail that drives an ever-growing diverse and dynamic collection.


Based in Italy, the studio was founded by two girls after a long experience in the fashion industry. Creating original and exclusive designs, they put great importance in the quality and the mix of colors in their fabulous prints. They also offer personalized consultancy services, putting their talents to work to create something special just for you!


Based in New York City, the Nikki Martinkovic Design Studio is a creative print design studio designing prints with personality. Founded by husband and wife team, Nikki Martinkovic and Kyle Naughtrip, they are known for their creative use of color and hand-painted, elevated prints for all industries. Each print is created with various techniques that combine hand-painting with digital design to create a truly unique piece you won't find anywhere else. They always have a strong pulse on past, present, and future global trends. Their inspiration comes from everywhere: runway shows, current/past art exhibits, NYC style and fashion, and of course, their world travels.


Founded by Margarita Saplala in 2019, Print Patisserie is a Los Angeles based print studio creating exclusive artworks which are sold globally to fashion and interior brands. Their international team of talented artists produce collections that are trend driven, without ignoring the influences that permeate their artists’ lives. The collection brings a delicate balance of commercial and artistic without loosing the perspective of each brand they work with.


ElleA studio was born in 2020 from the creativity and will of Laura Terzoli who, after years of experience and work, decided, thanks also to the support of her team of professional collaborators, to give life to this project with the aim of maintaining originality of the manual drawing by optimizing it on a digital platform. Each design handmade with care, passion and attention to detail.

Leti Design Studio

Based in Switzerland, the LETI. design studio was established in 2012 by Samuele Cini (manager) and Letizia Condorelli (art director). Letizia has been in the industry for over 20 years, bringing all her amazing, extensive experience gained working for the best studios in Italy and in the UK which makes a very unique combination of art and style.⁠
⁠The studio has a very talented design team and is well-known for their ability to create inspiring contemporary designs for women, swimwear, lingerie, kidswear, accessories and interior decorating. Love and passion for designing is the key to their success⁠

Cake Studios

Based in London, the designers at Cake create stunning original prints for the womenswear and lifestyle markets. Their talented team of artists take inspiration from the latest trends, catwalks and colorful world around us. Always Driven by a passion to deliver dazzling designs with a feminine yet commercial eye, they collaborate with fashion houses, retailers and manufacturer’s around the world.


Based in Australia and UK bonny print studio are known for their bold designs and creative colour palettes. Drawing inspiration from their surroundings whilst travelling, nature, art and vintage styles, they produce a distinctive yet diverse look within their collection whilst keeping up with global trends. They specialise in hand painted motifs and their designs are often sophisticated and edgy.

La Vie London

Creating exclusive print designs for fashion brands worldwide, La Vie offers a carefully curated, feminine and sophisticated collection of exclusive textile designs. Based in East London, their team of talented designers, passionate about their work, influence high streets, beaches and home décor. They are proud to work with the most talented artists in the industry – artists who are responsible for the emerging trends in womens, swim and activewear across the globe. Producing prints of the highest quality, their goal is to create prints that their clients love to work with and most importantly, prints their customers love to wear.


Popcreate is a small boutique design studio, offering a vibrant and colourful approach to textile design. The Popcreate team is a collective of highly experienced textile designers that have worked across the fashion industry and offer a product focused approach to print design. They draw inspiration from vintage archive pieces, original photography and hand rendered artworks, so the prints feel contemporary and trend relevant.


Founded by Laura Bagnera and Carolina Palella, two young surface designers from southern Italy with several years of experience in the textile industry, Bluma Studio creates new and original patterns interpreting trends and stylistic forecasts by ranging between womenswear, kidswear, home and stationery. Sharing ideas, passion, creativity and constant curiosity for the world of illustration, fashion, art, travel and color, they each infuse the collection with their own style, hand and color taste. The studio’s range in versatility from traditional to digital techniques, preferring however, hand drawing and painting, which allows them to best express their sensibilities. Their goal is to take their Mediterranean, fresh and unique taste around the world!

Maison Le Callennec

Founded in Paris in 2018, Maison Le Callennec was started by Eline and Mickaël, two creative directors with extensive experience in fashion and communication. The duo initially put their talents to work for several Paris and London’s luxury brands before setting up their own studio in the heart of the French capital. The busy and creative Parisian fashion and interior design scene is always demanding new inspiration, so the duo create two collections of new print designs each year, with commissions for exclusive designs in ready-to-wear and homewear.

Studio Albertus

Founded by Clémence Albertus, the studio creates detailed and colorful designs inspired by multiple influences, it can be a botanical board, or any colored landscape, image, or painting. She is very inspired by the mix between illustration, and mathematics ; to give infinity to a drawing.


Tahlullah is an English design studio, sister studio to Copenhagen based Fusion CPH! Their team of experienced designers create unique, fun, energetic, artistic designs for the global fashion market. They are always staying one step ahead of the trends, so you don’t have to! Their designs are always brought to perfection to meet their customer’s standards and needs. With a focus on painting and hand illustrated design work, they provide the designs in full repeat and always colour separated. Their customers love our files because they always work very well. Their trend driven collection is sold globaly across Europe, USA and Japan.


Based in Como, Superstudio has collaborated closely with the most imporant fabric manufacturers and the most prestigious fashion houses all over the world. Responsible of the creative laboratory aimed at the conception and realization of drawings, Silvia Civati oversees the creation of textile samples and designs developed using traditional craftsmanship, strictly "by hand" and intended for the textile and fashion market.


NOW-STUDIO LONDON is creative print design studio based in London which creates inspiring and innovative print designs for the global fashion community. Cindy and her designers at @nowstudiolondon love to experiment with various techniques and explore with hand drawing, painting and digital design.

Buntastic Design Studio

Focused on artistic, handmade techniques, Tanja has been bringing her own project to life with Buntastic Design Studio since 2017. With long-term experience as an in-house designer she is aware of clients needs and processes – creating high-quality print designs as user-friendly files that guarantee a fast and easy workflow for design teams and suppliers. With experimentation and dedication as its core, the studio cooperates with international designers and artists and brings unique, innovative designs to life. Zeitgeist and timeless creations as well as trend-driven prints are combined in each collection to enable contemporary and commercial concepts.


Poolstudio is an Italian Design Studio, based in Como, specializing in the creation and sales of original exclusive designs for printed fabrics. With over 60 years of experience, Poolstudio develops designs and print samples all made in Italy since three generations. Their design team make innovative artwork with great attention to detail, and find inspiration in multiple visual sources, as well as Fashion Week runway shows. Sold all over the world, they are constantly renewing their collections, creating specific artwork for each different market and necessity. Poolstudio is synonymous with quality and exclusivity, and 100% Made in Italy.

Atelier Natanski

A group of 5 Parisian designers, they work traditionally and on the computer. Most of their designs are ready to be reproduced on fabric, or any other surface. They also work to order and develop custom clients projects, offering themes and color ranges. Atelier Natanski exhibits 5 times a year at French fairs and regularly send our collections to our 3 agents; in Korea, USA and Japan.


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